The Hidden Nature of Marvin Liberman


Francisco Bautista Toledo


The artist purifies forms, goes deep into their essence, capturing the spirit impregnated in the branches of trees, nerves of latent life, organizing with them, wrapped with canvases, figures that assume their own vital force. They are disturbing sculptures, with foreboding movement, of amorphous image, reminiscent of genies that inhabit the freedom of the fields.

Marvin Liberman, an American artist based in Spain, expresses in his work primordial sculptures, representations of the spirits that give meaning to the material world around us. They are shamanic forms, reproduced in his works, built with ingenuity and thaumaturgic knowledge, not as an exercise of exploration shared with the public, nor are they exposed aesthetic expressions, but he builds a magical symbolism in his compositions, taking advantage of the souls hidden in the branches, which ask to be released to show their influence.

He recreates the dark world that underlies within heaths, forests or solitary wastelands, which flows oblivious to our existence, except when we disturb the silence of its spaces.

The continuous aggression on the natural environment, the dehumanization of people, the construction of a humanity that loses its transcendent component, are appreciated in the observation of Marvin Liberman's work, not in the form of direct description, but through the visual connection that transmits the language of spirits.

The initial appearance of his compositions is harsh, ramshackle, primitive, wild, and seductive. Because it transmits magic, restlessness, desolation in the soul, discovery of the path to invisible rooms, rescuing the look of the times in which man conversed with nature.

Marvin Liberman is a different artist, of powerful plastic expression, authentic and independent. He has managed to get into the essence of artistic manifestation, when it meant an encounter and link with the murmur of creation.