Curriculum Vitae

Marvin Liberman has live and worked in Madrid, Spain, since 2006, after an extended period in Latin America. Born in the United States, he began his art education at 15, continuing his studies at various institutions as well as in two extended periods of assistantship and study in the sculpture studios of a Serbian artist (in Holland) and an Italian artist (in Washington, DC).

His art career has moved through two different periods of work. While the first was dedicated to figurative sculpture and drawing, the more recent, in both media, is
abstract and focused on a more primitive language of expression.

Between these two periods, he dedicated many years to museum exhibition-related work: exhibition planning, design, public communications, lighting and installation.

His present work involves the aftereffects of trauma, human fragility and discord.
The use of light and darkness is an integral part of the work’s communicative potential.


Exhibitions & Award:

Contrastes Múltiples (Multiple Contrasts).  March-April 2019
Centro Municipal de las Artes Buero Vallejo “Sala El Paso”, Alcorcón, Madrid
Exhibition of 32 sculptors. Work exhibited: Discordia 7, 2017

Escultura: Lógico vs Analógico (Sculpture: Logic and Analogic). June-July 2018
Espacio Primavera 9, Exhibition of 16 sculptors exploring both geometric abstraction in present day Spain and in my own case, the contrary: organic, intuitive form.

The Tailor’s Forest. Site-specific sculptural work. Summer 2017
Azken Muga Cultural Festival: Collado de Zárate at the frontier between Gipuzkoa, The Basque Country and Navarra, Spain.

Liminal/Subliminal: A Procreative Space. November, 2015–February 2016
Elberson Fine Arts Gallery, Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA.
Exhibition on process and consciousness.

Luces, Sombras, Diálogos (Light, Shadow, Dialogues) July 2015
19th Annual Exhibition, MTG Sculptors Cooperative, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain.

From Gurs 2015. May-June 2015.
AskatasunArt Foundation, Gurs, France
1st Prize: Sculpture (purchase prize): competition in contemporary art related to the concept of Art and Liberty, honoring the history and suffering experienced at Gurs Internment Camp, Gurs, France, 1939-1944.
Exhibition traveled from June 6 to Dec., 2015: Gurs/Navarrenx, France; Irún, Spain; Bayonne, France; Bilbao, Spain; Guernica, Spain; Olorón, France.

Forums and Conferences:

Sculpture Network: XIV International Forum 2016: Sculpting Nature: LandArt, EcoArt, BioAr  29 September - 1 October 2016, Antwerp, Belgium

Sculpture Network: XIII International Forum: Advanced Media / Expanded Sculpture
1 - 3 October 2015 – Linz, Austria

Selected Cultural Projects: